Dinerware POS

Reliable. Easy to use.

Dinerware POS is our core restaurant and hospitality operations offering. It is flexible in design and can easily be set up to support a broad variety of restaurant concepts and workflows.

Our customers range from full-scale fine dining restaurants to small neighborhood cafes, high-volume nightclubs to smaller independent pubs and taverns, fast casual lunch and breakfast places to franchisee operations, and cafeterias and contract food service operations, to wineries and breweries, golf clubs, hotel properties, casinos, and more.

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Incredible Features: Want Proof?

Two-touch Fast Pay

Sell an item in TWO TOUCHES! Available at any terminal, Fast Pay works well for high volume, fast-paced nightclubs and bars.

Happy hour discount rules

Innovative and customizable. Create comps, coupons and automatic discounts in seconds. Define a discount rule fast - select which items it affects, during which hours or days, set how prices are affected and more.

Menu changes

Add a new menu item at the last minute. Make real-time menu changes from any terminal without a restart.

Customer Smart Search

Look up any customer and view a menu of favorite items! Delight customers with the ability to recall and order their favorites instantly.

Instantly access Live reports

Use reports to monitor job performance, payroll hours, voids, daily sales and more. Export reports to Excel, .csv, .pdf and other formats.

Easy Check Splitting

In a few steps, order another round of drinks for everyone at the table. Perfect as a fast, efficient way to split guest checks.

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

  • Transfer tickets to other users

  • Customize ticket names

  • Apply payments to other users’ tickets

  • Repeat previously ordered items

  • Hold (and release) menu items to the kitchen

  • Change price or quantity of an item

  • Tickets are stored forever – ideal for tabs or catering

  • Split checks

  • Communicate with your staff using internal messaging

  • Customize guest check formatting and contents

  • Unlimited split payments on any ticket

  • Use fast pay to close a ticket in two touches

  • Add unlimited menu items

  • Add unlimited screen categories

  • Create custom menus for certain jobs

  • Place items into multiple screen categories

  • Printers can be assigned multiple roles

  • Item price and quantity generates dynamically

  • Create taxation rules (surcharges, thresholds, GST taxes)

  • Create happy hour or other promotional discounts

  • Make discounts apply to tickets, items or both

  • Access more than 70 built-in reports

  • Instantly access daily reports

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